Winter Olympics 2018: Where, When, What to Know, TV Schedule

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here and we have all the details to help you get drunk hundreds of hours of live NBC television coverage, as well as how you can broadcast live coverage on or via the NBC Sports app or fuboTV (free trial). The application and transmission on will certainly be useful if you want to stay late and watch live events during the night, as South Korea is 14 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone. Here’s everything you need to know, followed by the full schedule of TV.


Winter Olympics

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How to watch on TV
The Olympic Games will be broadcast on several NBC networks. These include NBC, NBCSN, USA Network.

NBC will feature 176 hours of live coverage, and its prime time coverage will begin Thursday, February 8 at 8 pm AND, and ends with the closing ceremony on Sunday, February 25th.
The NBCSN will offer 369 hours of coverage, including hours of presence and 10 days of coverage, 24 hours a day from February 18th to 25th. The Pyeongchang Games will officially begin at NBCSN on Wednesday, February 7th at 11pm. AND, with live coverage of doubles combined curling.
CNBC will present 46 hours of coverage, including curling cable transmissions, starting Monday, February 12 and ending on Friday, February 23.

USA Network will present 40.5 hours of ice hockey and curly hockey coverage, most of which will air live between 7 am. at 9.30 ET. The cover begins Saturday, February 10 with a live presentation of the qualifying round of women’s hockey.

How to watch digital services and streaming and the NBC Sports app will combine to present more than 1,800 hours of broadcast, including the live broadcast of all prime time programming on the NBC network. The NBC Sports app will feature real-time, on-demand coverage of the entire competition in 15 sports and 102 medals. You can also broadcast all NBC coverage on fuboTV (try for free).

Full TV program
Every time Oriental

Thursday, February 8
12h-12h – Curling (mixed doubles): United States vs. OAR, NBCSN
2-4 hours – Curling (mixed doubles): Canada vs. Norway, NBCSN
4-6: 05 am – Curling (mixed doubles): China vs. Switzerland, NBCSN
6:05 am – 8:00 am – Curling (mixed doubles): United States vs. Canada, NBCSN (LIVE)
8-9 hours – Curling (mixed doubles): China vs. Korea S., NBCSN
9am – 10am – Men’s ski jump (normal mountain qualification), NBCSN
8 to 9 pm – Curling (mixed doubles): EE. UU Against Switzerland, NBCSN
8-11: 30 pm – Skating Team Competition (short programs for men and couples), NBC (LIVE)
8-11: 30 pm – Freestyle Skiing (Men’s and Women’s Moguls Ranking), NBC (LIVE)
9-11: 35 pm – Men’s Alpine Skiing (Downhill Training), NBCSN (LIVE)
9-11: 35 pm – Men’s sledging (singles), NBCSN (LIVE)
23: 35-12: 00 – Curling (mixed doubles): EE. UU Against South Korea, NBCSN (LIVE)

Friday February 9th
12h-1h30 – Curling (mixed doubles): EE. UU Against South Korea, NBCSN (LIVE)
8 am-11pm – Opening Ceremony, NBC

Saturday, February 10
2-3 h 05 – Women’s Cross-Country Skiing (Skiathlon Gold Medal Final), NBCSN (LIVE)
3 h 05-5 h – Curling (mixed doubles): EE. UU Against China, NBCSN
5-7h35 – Men’s and Women’s Short Track Speed ​​Skating (1500 Men, 500M and 3000M Women’s Relay Qualifier), NBCSN (LIVE)
7:35 am to 9:15 am – Men’s ski jump (gold medal at the end of normal), NBCSN LIVE)
7-9: 35 – Women’s hockey: Switzerland vs. Korea, United States UU (LIVE)
9:15 am – 11:30 am – Men’s snowboard (slopestyle classification), NBCSN
11:30 am to 1:00 pm – Men’s sledging (singles), NBCSN
1-3 hours – Women’s Speed ​​Skating (Women 3,000 M), NBCSN
1-3 hours – Biathlon (7.5 km women’s sprint)
3-6 hours – Short track speed skating (men’s 1500M gold medal final, women’s 500M qualifier, 3000M relay), NBC
3-6 hours – Men’s ski jump (individual gold medal at the end of the normal), NBC
3-6 hours – Men’s snowboard (slopestyle rating), NBC
3-6 hours – Men’s Luge (individual competition), NBC
3-5 hours – Curling (mixed doubles): EE. UU Vs. Norway, NBCSN
8h-23h – Figure skating team event (short dance program on ice, short program for women), NBC (LIVE)
8h-23h – Men’s Alpine Skiing (Downhill), NBC
8-9: 45 pm – Men’s Snowboard (Slopestyle Gold Medal Final), NBCSN (LIVE)